That's what you'll hear around the Office of Campus Life in Student Life. We know your college experience is impacted by your level of involvement. So the question we ask isn't "Are you going to be involved?", but rather, "Why aren't you involved...yet?" We don't want you to be a spectator. There are numerous ways to get involved in participating, planning, and leading all of the fun and diverse activities we have on campus. We have a strong history of student involvement and leadership development at NNU. Don't hold back. Involvement is the key word we use to describe a great college experience. Tim and Kenton talk about all of the opportunities available for you to get involved as a student at NNU. Activities, clubs, special traditions, student leadership, Campus League and more!

What do you want to do?

Jump right in (LIFE) 

  • Join a club
  • Participate in a Campus League Sport or Activity
  • Get involved in a ministry
  • Mark your calendar with the next big SGA event
  • Paint your face and support our Nighthawk athletic teams

Go behind the scenes (LEARN)

  • Help out with an SGA event
  • SGA working committees
  • Assist with a Campus League Activity
  • Serve in the Brick House on Thursday nights
  • Write for the Student Newspaper
  • Work for the Oasis Yearbook staff

Serve in a student leadership position (LEAD)

  • ASNNU Student Government Association
  • Class Council positions
  • Faculty Committee Assignments
  • ASNNU Judicial Board

Questions? Contact Grant Miller, Director of Community Life, and he will connect you with the right people: