SGA President: Ross Martinson

Hey! My name is Ross Martinson and I am a Communication/Public Relations major. I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. Some of my favorite things include a good BBQ, long walks on the beach, and cheese sampling. I have a strong passion for connecting with people and ultimately glorifying God in everything that I do. I look forward to serving you as NNU's SGA President!

Executive Vice President: Phil Haunschild

Hey, I'm so excited to be serving the student body this next year as your Executive Vice President! I was born in Homer, Alaska but spent 8 years growing up in the Philippines. I am going to be a Junior majoring in International Studies this next year. Some of my favorite things to do since I got to NNU have been to go on Journey's Outfitting trips, serve on the Student Senate and enjoy the many SGA Events. There are so many more opportunities to get involved than just these, and I would love to talk to you about the ones we can offer if you swing by my office upstairs in the Student Center!

Social Vice President: Liberty Fleming

Hi, I'm Liberty! I'm from just down the road in Meridian, Idaho, and I'm majoring in an individualized field of socio-cultural entrepreneurship. My interests range from all sports (that's a lie actually I'm not a fan of softball), finding cool places to explore, and balancing things on my head.

Business Manager: Lindee Triplett

My name is Lindee and I am so excited to be your SGA Business Manager this year! I was raised in northern Idaho but my family and I recently moved to Meridian! I am a senior majoring in Biology with a Pre-Medical emphasis and I am hoping attend school after this to become an eye doctor. I love running, eating cookies, I wear a size 4 shoe, cats are great and I absolutely love this school. I am excited to serve you this year and look forward to getting to know you!

Executive Secretary: Allie Kroeger

Hey everyone! I'm Allie Kroeger and I'm from Peoria, AZ but spent my junior high and high school days in Carlsbad, CA. I'm a senior nursing student and hope to one day be a labor and delivery nurse! My favorite things in life are my family, friends, the ocean, and iced vanilla lattes--preferably all at once. I am so excited to be this years SGA Secretary and am looking forward to serving you all through this position!

Community Relations Coordinator: Janson Card

I'm from Spokane, WA and majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. I'm heavily involved in Journeys Inc, NNU's club for any and all things related to the outdoors, and love to hike, backpack, ski, climb, and generally explore as much of God's beautiful creation as possible. I love NNU's students, faculty and staff, and the uplifting and positive culture that can be found in every corner of campus, and I look forward to serving the student body this year on SGA.

Campus Ministries Coordinator: Becca Roberts

My name is Becca Roberts and this year I will be a Senior studying Elementary Education. I spent the first 12 years of my life living in Boise, Idaho and then moved to South Korea with my family for 6 years. I went to an international school there until I graduated high school and then came to NNU to go to college while my family lived there for 2 more years. My favorite color is blue, my favorite movie is High School Musical, and I love food. I love NNU and am so thankful for all the friends that I have made here that are now my family and can't wait to enjoy this last year with all of them.

Oasis Editor: Brittany McCarty

I am a current resident of Idaho and have been since my sophomore year of high school. Before that, I lived in Hood River, Oregon, which I would prefer to call home. I am currently a Junior here at NNU and I am studying Graphic Design with a minor in photography. I am not sure quite yet what my future plan is, but I am sure it will have something to do with the graphic arts. I am involved in Crusader Choir and the Student Alumni Council, and am the current Oasis Editor. I more than excited for this year and all that it has in store.

Publicity Director: Luke Zane

My name is Luke Zane. I am currently a junior at NNU studying graphic design and marketing. I am originally from Redding, California, however I spent five years living in both Papua New Guinea and The Philippines as a Nazarene missionary. I have been involved in two different NNU theatre productions, including Fiddler on The Roof and Seussical. I also sing in two of the three choirs at NNU.

Athletic Liaison: Cassidy Ball

Hey guys my name is Cassidy Ball(er) and I will be your athletic liaison for this year! I am a senior nursing major from Coeur d'Alene, ID. I love the outdoors and spend most of my time hiking, swimming, boating, kayaking, etc. I am so excited to be a part of SGA this year and I cant wait to see all of you at NNU's sporting events supporting our teams!

Student Center Director: Kilen Multop

Hi. I'm Kilen Multop from Bend, Oregon, and I'm a Junior studying Computer Science and Languages here at NNU. Our campus community is something to be proud of, and I'm honored (and flippin' excited) to serve as the Student Center Director of our Student Government Association. My hope is that our campus will grow closer together in fun and community next year, and that we will make some amazing memories together.

Intramural Director: Sheldon Field

My name is Sheldon Field and I am this year's SGA Intramural Overlord! I am a junior who was born and raised in Nampa, Idaho, and am majoring in Elementary Education. I absolutely love playing sports, watching sports (both college and professional), reading about sports, reading in general, hiking, playing guitar, singing, and doing everything or nothing with my family and friends. I'm an avid milk drinker, peach ring eater, movie watcher, and scooter rider and have the uncanny ability to guess what color something is at least 50% of the time. I love the Seahawks, Mariners, and Thunder, and am super excited to be a kid who teaches kids for the rest of my life. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, color questions, or just want to stop by and chat, be sure to bring a Dex cookie and come on by my office!

Director of Community Life: Grant Miller

Hello! My name is Grant Miller and I have the pleasure of advising our SGA officers as well as helping to oversee all of our student clubs and organizations, intramural sports, and various events and activities around campus. My wife Jen and I are both alumni of NNU and are thrilled to get to be a part of all that NNU has to offer. My hobbies include strumming, scrumming, hugging, and Disneylanding. Follow me online @gtmilla.