SGA President: Ross Martinson

Hi, my name is Ross Martinson! This is my second year serving as the SGA President and I have loved every second of it! My major is Communication: Public Relations and I am in my senior year, which means I will graduate in the spring (theoretically). I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon by my wonderful mother and father. I love BBQ and would consider myself a cheese connoisseur. I dabble in fly fishing and building distressed DIY pallet furniture. I am extremely excited to see how God uses this team this year and love working with each of the following people! 

SGA Executive Vice President: Nathan Emerson

Hello, I am Nathan Emerson and I was born and raised here in Nampa. I am in my senior year, looking to get a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am the SGA Executive Vice President, which means I run and facilitate our student Senate. I also run on-campus elections and help students have the best experience possible. My goal is to listen to great ideas for student life and in turn enable those who have the ideas to turn dreams into realities.

SGA Social Vice President: Erin Kollars

Hi, my name is Erin Kollars and I’m the Social Vice President (aka party planner) this year! I’m currently in a mid-college crisis and don’t know what my major is going to be next week, but it’ll hopefully be something fun! Bremerton, Washington is my hometown and even though some people say it’s the grossest place to live in Washington, they're wrong because it’s beautiful and I get to do things like kayaking and exploring beaches and hiking through forests. My favorite food is coffee (yes it counts as food in my book), and I have not experienced a day of college without it. So yep, that’s me!

SGA Business Manager: Katie Largent

My name is Katie and I’m the SGA Business Manager this year! I’m a junior from the small town of Colfax, Washington about 30 minutes from Washington State University (Go Cougs!), and I’m studying nursing. I grew up on a farm and spent five of my summers during high school and college working harvest for my dad and uncle. I love hanging out with the “old guys,” driving semi-truck and tractor, and playing in the dirt. But this summer, I was able to travel with NNU’s travel group, Covenant, and lead worship at camps all across the Pacific Northwest. It was hard to give up working on the farm this past summer, but I loved being able to spend it doing two of my other favorite things: playing music and meeting new people, all while hanging out with my friends in Covenant.

SGA Executive Secretary: Sheldon Field

My name is Sheldon Field and I am this year's SGA Executive Secretary! I am a senior who was born and raised in Nampa, Idaho, and I just switched my major to English. I absolutely love everything that has to do with sports, reading, hiking, making and listening to music, and doing everything or nothing with my family and friends. I'm an avid milk drinker, peach ring eater, movie watcher, and scooter rider and I love the Seahawks, Mariners, and Thunder. I'm here to help SGA and the student body in whatever way possible, so feel free to come chat with me over a cup of coffee!

SGA Community Relations Coordinator: Erik Birnel

Hey! I am a senior history major and a cadet in the ROTC program. I grew up in the small town of Woodland, WA with my parents and my younger brother who is a sophomore here at NNU. I love NNU campus life and going all out for the themes, costumes, and traditions of the school! Since I've been here in the Treasure Valley the past three years, I've fallen in love with it, and as Community Relations Coordinator, I get to connect this school that I love with the Nampa community that I love.

SGA Campus Ministries Coordinator: Liberty Fleming

Hello! My name is Liberty Fleming and I am from Meridian, ID. I am studying Social Entrepreneurship and my post-college plan is to take a really long nap. My favorite parts about life are playing sports, going on long road trips, drinking americanos with steamed cream, meeting new people, and engaging in small talk (not even a joke). My least favorite part about life is everyday from 2:30-4 in the afternoon, unless I can nap during that time. 

SGA Oasis Editor: Rachel Bauman

My name is Rachel Bauman and I am a junior Graphic Design major. I grew up in the same house my whole life in Port Orchard, Washington (1 hour west of Seattle) which is the prettiest town, in my opinion. Being a Washington native I LOVE to go hiking, and not the Nike shoe and selfie stick kind, but the hiking boot and backpack kind. I also have a huge obsession with coffee and photography, but I am the furthest thing from being a hipster. I love traveling and experiencing new cultures both inside and outside of the U.S. (Germany is my favorite). My all time favorite foods are chicken nuggets and Kraft Mac & Cheese and have been since I can remember. My favorite sports teams are the Seattle Mariners and the Washington Redskins!

SGA Publicity Director: Korte Zickefoose

My name is Korte Zickefoose and I hold the SGA Publicity Director position. Currently I major in Graphic Design and am also passionate about humanitarian aid design, cinematography, and long, slow, trail running. Many of my growing up years were spent in Daejeon, South Korea, though any third culture kid knows how difficult a "hometown" kind of question is. The members of my family are my best friends, as they've been with me through it all. My favorite kind of food is buffet. However, if I had to choose, it would be a close tie between my grandma's cinnamon rolls or cheese kimchi dolsot bibimbap (a Korean dish).

SGA Athletic Liaison: Nate Lundberg

Hey! My name is Nate Lundberg and I’m a Junior from Woodinville, Washington. I’m majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy. My favorite things include watching sports, playing sports, talking about sports, and dreaming about sports. Eating and sleeping are up there on that list as well. I love serving the NNU community through my role as Athletic Liaison and making the college experience for NNU students the best that it can possibly be.

SGA Student Organization Coordinator: Alexandra Zickefoose

Hey! My name is Alexandra. I am passionate about people and places around the world. Growing up in South Korea provided me with the direction for my education at NNU, where I am studying language, culture, and missions. I love the opportunity I have to connect with, encourage, and equip NNU's Student Organizations this year

SGA Intramural Director: Trevor Johnsen

My name is Trevor Johnsen and I am from Eugene, OR. I am a junior and I am studying Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic Training and Coaching. Just recently in my life, I have felt like God is calling me to become a Youth Pastor! A fun fact about me is that this past December I got married to the woman of my dreams! Another fun fact is that I love to spend my free time playing sports and being active. I enjoy netflix and I love sharing stories with people. When asked, "What's your favorite food?" my response is "If it's free it's my favorite!"

Director of Community Life: Grant Miller

Hello! My name is Grant Miller and I have the pleasure of advising our SGA officers as well as helping to oversee all of our student clubs and organizations, intramural sports, and various events and activities around campus. My wife Jen and I are both alumni of NNU and are thrilled to get to be a part of all that NNU has to offer. My hobbies include strumming, scrumming, hugging, and Disneylanding. Follow me online @gtmilla.