ASNNU Senate

Senate is the Legislative Branch of our student government. It is comprised of twelve Senators, three from each academic class, and the SGA Executive Vice President, who chairs each meeting of the Senate and votes only to make or break a tie. Within the Senate are three committees: the Ways and Means Committee, the Student Life Committee, and the Judiciary Committee. One student Senator is appointed by the Executive Vice President to chair his or her committee when the committee meets.

NNU's student senate is incredibly unique in the scope of student government oragnization in colleges and universities across the Northwest. Under the oversight of the Office of Student Life, the Senate, through its elected student representatives, has discretionary authority over the allocation and spending of student fees, which is a unique and special privilege when compared with other institutions.

The purpose of Senate is to consider all recommendations from the Executive Council and enact any legislation deemed necessary. In addition, Senators submit a proposed budget to the student body and to the Administration for the use of student fees. They approve clubs and organizations on campus who seek to use student fee money, and among other things, they have the power to recall elected officers and fill vacant positions. The actions of the Senate take the form of bills, legislative enactments, and resolutions as members of the Senate learn and follow Parliamentary procedures.