Residential Life at NNU

Our students and alumni will tell you that most of their best college memories were made while living on campus. Whether it's a late night run to Merrits for a world-famous scone, competing in intramurals with your wing, or deep conversations with your roommate, living in a caring community is an integral part of the NNU experience.

However, being a residential campus is not just about the fun. Living on campus contributes significantly to the success of our students both socially and academically. Studies show that students living on campus achieve a higher GPA and have a higher graduation rate than those who live off campus. And, we want our students to be successful.

You will discover the value of an on-campus experience by the relationships you will establish when sharing a room, hanging out in wing and hall events, parties, small groups, Bible studies, community service, study groups and the time spent living in a community that shares your goals, experiences, and values.

Our residential community is strengthened by a shared commitment to a common set of lifestyle guidelines.  Among them are a commitment to refrain from tobacco, alcohol, and illegal or non-authorized prescription drugs; sexual immorality and pornography; harassment based upon sex, sexual orientation, race or religion, or other offensive behavior; and criminal activities. These guidelines are not in place simply to create a list of rules but are intended to create a community where all can flourish.

We look forward to your joining our community and becoming a vital part of our campus!

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