We Love Bricks, Fresheree and an Elk Named Howard

Academic Traditions

Over the past 100 years, students at NNU have participated in a variety of academic and scholarly opportunities, including launching rockets at NASA, running social ventures, and joining into long-standing conversations within the liberal arts.

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Spiritual Traditions

With inspiring chapel services throughout the week, small group Bible studies, student-led weekly worship services and ministry-oriented clubs, NNU's spiritual life has a deep and profound connection to the student experience.

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Social Traditions

From beloved annual events that highlight each semester to weekend outings with friends and clubs, NNU's social life traditions help create a rich and exciting student experience.

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We have some unique traditions and campus characters you might not find elsewhere. With more than 40 student clubs and organizations contributing to our campus life (ranging from Art Club to the Midnight Ridazz), and quirky traditions like Fresheree (our annual talent show) and Mr. NNU (like the Miss America pageant, except with dudes), you'll find enough student-life options to keep you involved and entertained for all four years.


TWIRP is an annual, campus-wide, weekend-long group date. Long referred to as one of the best campus-wide traditions, TWIRP often takes students of campus to explore other parts of the Treasure Valley.


Mr. NNU is like Miss America without the miss...or America. Mr. NNU is a "beauty pageant" for the men of campus. Two guys from each class are nominated by their classmates to compete for the coveted title from which the event draws its name. Four areas are figured into the final score: Athletic Ability, Talent, Humor and the Question & Answer.

The reigning Mr. NNU hosts the event, and at the end he passes the crown on to his successor. NNU's freshman class council organizes this show where eight male students strut their stuff. Be prepared to witness hilarious and bizarre acts. Above all else though, be prepared to laugh.


Fresheree is NNU's infamous variety show. Each fall, students perform a menagerie of skits and songs during a night of comedy. Hosted by the sophomore class council, Fresheree takes place in NNU's Little Theatre, (also known as the "Sader Dome").

Unlike Mr. NNU, Fresheree is not a contest and both genders are welcome to participate. Favorite acts from past years include "Single Fellas," "Frank and Lester," and "Baby Hands." Students audition to emcee the event, as well as perform their skits. By far, it is NNU's funniest event of the fall. Students come out in droves to participate in and watch Fresheree.

Week One

College (and the first week of college) can be intimidating. Amidst moving in and figuring out your schedule, NNU's Week One is designed to facilitate a week's worth of activities to experience campus life and to cultivate relationships with fellow classmates, student leaders, faculty and other key University staff members.

Activities like a scavenger hunt will help you get to know campus better while bonding with fellow freshmen to complete ridiculous challenges. The Rootbeer Fest allows freshmen to relax and enjoy a movie outside with returning students before classes start. Jazz on the Lawn introduces students to our signature iced-coffee drink, "the brick," and NNU's jazz ensembles.

Student Government Association

Each year, NNU's Student Government Association (SGA) organizes countless events designed to enrich the NNU college experience. Staple campus traditions would not be possible without the SGA and other student leadership.

The Arts

We love the arts. Whether it's reader's theatres, plays, musicals, choir or concert band, the arts play a large part in the NNU community and culture.

The spring musical is well known throughout the Boise Valley. Casts of approximately 30 students and a 15-student orchestra performs musicals such as Oklahoma, Honk!, Fiddler on the Roof and Godspell.

Students from the Department of Communications regularly participate in productions performed in the NNU Little Theatre. Each year, the fall play is a highlight of Homecoming & Family Weekend, and in the spring, one junior communications major is selected to direct the Junior Class Play.