Acquiring a passion to serve

February 23, 2016

Current student McCrea Nirider testifies to the personal transformation she’s experienced through NNU on a Mission trips and her work with the Ripple Effect campaign.

A community that invests in students: a staff perspective

August 14, 2015

University staff aren’t just calculating tuition costs, punching grades on to transcripts or answering phone calls, they are actively investing into the lives of students in big and small ways every day. Their unsung contributions make NNU a great place to attend and work.

How Christian colleges have all the fun

August 13, 2015

The best college traditions don’t have anything to do with houses, hazing or hangovers. When students put God and lasting friendships at the forefront, that’s when university life is at its best.

On a mission

July 24, 2015

This summer, Northwest Nazarene University sent out four teams to foreign countries in an effort to make a difference and exemplify what it means to serve. Groups of students traveled to Haiti, Colombia, Poland and Argentina.

Meet Rocke Musgraves (#GoNNUCrusaders)

October 6, 2014

Rocke Musgraves is in his second season as NNU head baseball coach. Listen as he shares some of his first impressions of the university and his philosophy on integrating NNU's faith tradition into the fabric of his team.

Welcome to NNU: the first eight days

August 13, 2014

Can't wait to come to get started at NNU? Here is a play by play of all the exciting academic, social and spiritual activities you will encounter the minute you step on campus as a new freshman. Get a glimpse of your first week as an NNU student.

The best time of your life

August 12, 2014

NNU summer traveling ministry groups, Covenant and Witness, have been a part of the NNU experience for thousands of students over the years whether as participants or audience members. Team members agree that spending a summer as a part of a travel group will change you forever.

Serving others isn't just a tradition, it's a passion

August 12, 2014

NNU has a long history of building the Kingdom through acts of service both on campus and around the world. One of the longest standing ways students have participated in service to the local community is through ministry clubs.