Getting to know your new home—in a home

August 14, 2015

New Student Rendezvous is a tradition that students look forward to and also remember for many years. A simple time of making new friends around a meal in the home of a faculty or staff member previews the unique nature of the NNU experience.

Grants fund student-faculty research in the sciences

October 16, 2014

Working on significant research in the sciences under faculty active in their fields is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students at NNU. These research projects are made possible by grants from foundations that recognize the potential of NNU students and faculty to make significant contributions to the body of knowledge in their fields and to improve the lives of people with their discoveries.

Involvement makes for better athletes (#GoNNUCrusaders)

September 15, 2014

NNU puts high expectations on our student-athletes, only one of which is excelling in sports. Alumnus Davis Halle tells about how balancing golf, academics and social involvement made him a better person and gave him a complete college experience.

NNU welcomes freshman Maggie Alcaraz

September 4, 2014

Maggie represents one of the many exceptional students who joined NNU as freshmen this fall. She and her classmates are experiencing and contributing to the outstanding NNU educational community experience.

Welcome to NNU: the first eight days

August 13, 2014

Can't wait to come to get started at NNU? Here is a play by play of all the exciting academic, social and spiritual activities you will encounter the minute you step on campus as a new freshman. Get a glimpse of your first week as an NNU student.

Building a foundation for the liberal arts

August 12, 2014

Cornerstone has become an academic insitution at NNU. Through this unique intro to college course, students learn "how various areas of study all come together to further God’s Kingdom."

Undergraduate research fellowships

August 11, 2014

Whether you are going to become a doctor or a computer scientist, NNU offers an invaluable opportunity to gain real research experience in your field through the academic tradition of research fellowships.